Welcome Friend

Hello and welcome to a quiet place of oneness where we can invoke the Presence of Our Loving God Within...The One Almighty...Divine Creator...Father-Mother God...Whom we Honor upon ALL the Altars of ALL Religions.

Now, with open Hearts and open Minds, may the peace that passes beyond all understanding greet us, as we greet each other, in the Spirit of Our Oneness.

May the sweet Mystery of Individuality in the shadowplay upon the Light, in which we live our lives, compel us to seek the Truth.

Laughing with Joy, may we find ourselves drunk with Bliss...and may we always remember The Master's words: "Be still and know that I Am God!"

Kick your shoes off and come on in!

Rev. Will

Rev. William Charette, D.D.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Chaplain Services Love Offerings

Weddings, Pastoral Counseling, Spiritual Readings, Healings, Homilies, Musical Therapy, Communication Workshops, Metaphysical Studies, Invocations, Broadcasting: Radio, Film, Television and Motivational Affirmations.

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