"TRUE" Friend

"Now most of us feel lucky if we can count our true friends on the fingers of one hand...A true friend is one who will accept me just as i am with all my faults and frailties and still love me in spite of those character defects. A real friend's attitude toward me, then, could best be expressed by this simple statement:

I like you because...but I love you in spite of...


1. A true friend will be one who sticks by you when the going gets rough. He'll not desert you at the first sign of trouble. You can depend upon his wholehearted support to see you through tough times.

2. A true friend will trust you and have complete confidence in you, no matter what. As the old saying goes, "Never explain what you do or say to anyone. Your friends don't need it and your enemies won't believe it." You don't have to prove yourself to a real friend to hold his loyal friendship.

3. No matter what you say or do, a true friend will accept you just as you are. He'll not criticize you for your faults and character defects. He may not like them, of course, but he will tolerate them with kindness while praising your good points and fine qualities to others.

4. When you gain a person's friendship, you'll also gain his respect. True friends will respect you, your decisions, and your actions. They'll willingly and gladly do whatever they can to help you.

5. A true friend will never speak disparagingly about you. Not only that, he will do everything he can to squelch rumors or gossip that degrades you or darkens your reputation. He'll never say anything behind your back that he would not say to you face-to-face."

---James K Van Fleet (From his book "Hidden Power" Prentice Hall)


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